Summer camp 2018

Dinner with a view on the expedition.47B5B349-5457-45D3-BA73-DD0B864E909F







Scouts is back!


Scouts is back, back again!!

Light Blue

19:30 – 21:15 Wednesday 12th September

Dark Blue

19:15 – 21:15 Friday 14th September

keep your eyes out for the program in the next week.

Water sports day…..


What a day of sailing, windsurfing and raft building.

Done dinner; time to rest before the next adventure!!




And here’s the sun again….

It’s dinner …. in the sun.

We have arrived!!!!

After a short trip down the M1 via Tibshlef services we are on site and camp is taking shape. A little rain then sun but it’s great!

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Final Summer Camp Letter!!


Attached is the final camp letter with lots of information on it.  It also includes the Facebook Page for camp so you can keep up to date with the activities and events on camp.

please look and keep it in a safe place.

180712_carsington-water- final letter

No Scouts for Dark Blue.

A reminder no scouts tonight

***Joint Meeting Wednesday 20th June***


There will be NO Meeting on Friday for the Dark Blues.

We will be meeting with the Light Blues on Wednesday 19:30 – 21:15

The Leaders